The Ananda India monastery follows Swami Kriyananda’s ideal of a hermitage monastery, where daily sadhana, seva, monastic training, and an inward life are the primary focus. During the week we stay at the monastery, on weekends we frequently travel to Ananda Centres throughout India.

The India monastery was re-launched and relocated in June 2018 as a way of finally fulfilling Swami Kriyananda’s very specific lifestyle and approach that he described for Ananda monks.

All monks are kriya yoga disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda, following the vows and ideals expressed in the Who Are We? and Ego-transcendence sections of this website.

We do not take visitors. If you are interested in meeting with the monks, you can find out from your local Ananda Centre when we might be visiting. If you would like to learn more, you can email .

Monk Seva Includes :

Kriya Yoga Home Study
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Healing Prayers
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More India Seva
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