The Secret of True Joy

St. Francis was the “patron saint” of Paramhansa Yogananda. There is a beautiful story of St Francis known as “The Secret of True Joy”. It goes like this: St. Francis and his close companion, Brother Leo, were walking in the winter through a snowstorm, trying to reach a monastery before it got too late. St. Francis called ahead to Brother … Read More

“Man’s power is limited, but God’s is without limitation”

One day I was greeted at the front door of our India monastery by a strange sight at my feet. What appeared to be an insect was moving very strangely across the ground. As I looked closer it seemed to be a small leaf or seed that had legs! It would move straight ahead for a bit, then turn and … Read More

Swami Kriyananda

One Act of Divine Love

Centuries ago, Saint John of the Cross said words to the effect that one act of divine love (that love which is the fruit of deep meditation) is of greater value to the Church than the combined activities of dedicated, but unmeditative, monks, priests, and nuns. The greatest thing we have to give to the world is our spirit – … Read More